Deoparbat Archaeological Park

The historic Deoparbat, situated near the NH-39, is home to several ancient relics, monuments and Siva temples. The ancient sculptures, coins, temples and bricks of various types are still scattered around Deoparbat. These were identified as the historical sources of the 8th and 9th century. Statues found here were those of Tripuraswar Sawharar Rudra Brikhyarupa Rudra, Tripura-Surbadhar, Fangananm Siva, Jyano, Sridhari Rudra, Lakshi-Narayan, Haragowris Rashlila, Sarpadevata, Deosalar Khutu, Pranayam dhyan, Telbrikhya, Padma-Sakra, Ram and Ravana, Sugriba, etc.

The ancient temple of Deoparbat was destroyed in the great earthquake that occurred in 1897.

The Archeological Department of the State government had adopted several schemes for making Deoparbat a tourist spot. A museum was constructed and it was inaugurated.

Climbing up the hill is a tough job but it offers some great rewards in the form of spectacular views of the Karbi Anglong hills and Numaligarh tea estate. The airports of Jorhat and Guwahati as well as the rail stations of Furkating and Rangia serve this region. Covering a total area of 133.45 hectares of land, the Deopahar Reserved Forest is the home to quite a good number of wild animals.

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