Kokilamukh Festival

The three-day Kokilamukh Festival from February 16 in Kokilamukh in Jorhat district is an attempt to revive the glorious history of the Battle of Mohgarh.
The Battle of Mohgarh, which took place on April 26, 1824 between the Ahoms and the Mans (Burmese), changed the history of Assam. The Ahoms lost the battle, thus ending their 600-years of glorious rule.
The Kokilamukh Mahotsav Prastuti Samiti, in collaboration with the Kendriya Oitijya Sangrakshyan aru Goweshana Samiti, organise the Kokilamukh Festival, 2013 to revive the glorious history of the Battle of Mohgarh.
There were two huge water bodies near Kokilamukh – Potia Phakala Beel and Sarala Beel – in which the soldiers of Ahom Kingdom were given naval training before the invasion of the Burmese.
A huge number of migratory birds used to come to the beels during the winter season. But recently the number of such avian guests has gone down to a great extent.
The main objective of the festival is to establish the area in the world tourism map. In connection with the festival, a cultural programme, showcase the culture of 15 tribes, a book fair, state-level conference on preservation of nature and historical monuments, sand sculpture to reflect the historic Mohgarh Battle and several other programmes organised.

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