Prajnalaya, Titabar

”PRAJNALAYA IS A NON GOVEMMENT ORGANISATION OPERATING VOLUNTARY FOR THE WELFARE OF THE POOREST OF THE POOR,WHICH IS SITUATED IN A RURAL AREA ON ON THE BANK OF THE RIVER SORAIPANI,TITABAR IN THE DISTRICT OF JORHAT..ASSAM.THE SURROUNDING IS EVERGREEN.”PRAJNA” MEANS WISSDOME,PRAJNALAYA IS ESTABLISHED WITH ALL THE RELIGION AND CAST BY AN EX INSURGENT LATE JUGAL BHUYAN..The students of different religion live together in”ASTHA”as members of the same family.there is no any division among them…”PRAJNADEEP BIDYALYA”A sister organisation of prajnalaya is the educational institute for the students of ”prajnalaya”…At now there are 70 students in” prajnalaya” and 250 students in ”prajnadeep bidyalaya’

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