World Environment Day 2013

Pride of Assam ( Society) celebrate World Environment Day in Mekahi Chapori LP School, near Kakilamukh, Jorhat.
School is situated in a sandbar of mighty Brahmaputra river.
There is a plantation programme and society donate a signboard including quotes of Forest man of India Jadav Payeng (Mulai).
According to Jadav Payeng, we have to teach children of primary school about enviroment & plantation. He demands authority to include Environment Science from primary level education. He is a great environment activist. He planted about 1500acre in sandbar of the river. Jawaharlal Nehru University awarded him as Forest Man of India.
We thankful to DFO of Jorhat Mr. Malakar and Bipul Gogoi caretaker of Mulai Forest.

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