Hengul-Haithal Painting

The mask and the boats are paint with a special coloring matter called Hengul Haithal. The painting process by using Hengul Haithal is called Hengul Haithal painting. The meaning of Hengul Haithal is, Hengul means vermilion and Haithal means the yellow orpiment.
Hengul Haithal is a mixture of minerals, vermilion and yellow orpiment, indigo and pale soil etc. At the early stage the ashes of skull of bottle gourd are used for black coloring. After this, charcoal is used in this process. A type of gum mixed in Hengul Haithal, which is found in seed of the wood-apple. It is a long process, where red color found from vermilion, yellow from orpiment, blue from indigo and white from pale soil. One week to a month is required in the process, where all the ingredients of Hengul Haithal paints are grind in a stone slab. The amount and shining of the colors are depends on the grinding of the ingredients.
These paints are keep in a vessel of bamboo tube. The painters use appliance like brush from feathers of pigeon, hair of goat etc.
The Sattra Institute of Majuli is famous for this painting. It is used in mask and wall painting.

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