Khanikar Puthi

Khonikar Puthi is combination of Kirtan Ghosa written by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva and Namghosa written by Mahapurush Madhavdeva. This Khonikar Puthi was copied by somenone in 1690. The book is called Khanikar Puthi because the ‘Puthi’ is kept by the Khanikar family in Khanikar village of Michamora mouza in Golaghat district. It is believed that the ‘Puthi’ came to the family during the Maan aggression. According to an article by Narayan Baruah on Khaonikar Puthi, the Maans during their attack, left the Puthi at the residence of Mani. People of the area believe that a super power exists within the Puthi. Many people all over the State invite the Puthi to their families. The Puthi is always taken to different places on foot with respect from the Khanikar village. It is believed that whatever we pray can be achieved if we pray the Puthi. This is a legacy that is going on. This puthi is being maintained by Bhabesh Baruah, Arun Bikash Baruah, Tirthanath Baruah, Heramba Baruah. This puthi is not just a book, but it is a property and organization for the people.

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