Uttar Kamalabari Sattra

In 1595, Badala Ata established a sattra in the orange garden of one of his disciples, Purusottama Baruah, in Majuli. So, the sattra was name as Kamalabari Satra. ”Kamala” means orange and “bari” means garden in Assamese. This sattra is a center of art, culture, literature & classical studies. The Kamalabari Satra has been producing great figures in Assam cultural sector. It is the home to legendary musicians and performing artists like late Maniram Dutta, Murtiyae Bayan and Raseswar Saikia Barbayan, who contributed greatly towards the conferment of classical status upon sattriya dance. Uttar Kamalabari sattra is a branch of Kamalabari sattra. Due to the damages done by floods, one branch of the sattra is established in the mainland Assam. But the branch of original Kamalabari sattra still continues from the Majuli island.

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