Ethnique Fest 2014 (Part- I)

Ethnique in an ethnic campus. This is the sum and substance of the newly founded annual tourism festival of Jorhat.

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Life Plus conjures up a different Jorhat, a unique taste of north east India. With a wide array of interactive programs, a generous sprinkling of culture, ethnic cuisine, and beats of the music that is the essence of tribal life in the region, the festival will lead to a better understanding between ethnic communities and provide exposure to the isolated ones. Go dancing … Gum Gum Rag !! at Jorhat’s Own Annual Tourism Festival.
As the Life Plus Campus in Baghchung, Jorhat, vibes with songs, dances, video and photo exhibits, food stalls, cooking sessions, School quiz and rural life-scene presentations, young people, dropouts and the unemployed, once living on the margins of the society, will become cultural ambassadors for their tribe and agents of transformation. This festival is yet another innovative venture of Institution for Culture And Rural Development (I-CARD). Ethnique Fest will highlight the culture of the Mising community, once called “The Riverine people”. The most notable characteristic of this festival will be ethnicity in a peaceful environment. There will be food, music and cultural presentations, to suit the tastes of the high and the low.

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