83rd Conference of Srimanta Sankaradeva Sangha

83rd Conference of Srimanta Sankaradeva Sangha The Sri Sri Aniruddhadev Samannay Kshetra here turned into a sea of humanity today following pouring in of lakhs of devotees from all over the State on the second day of the 83rd annual conference of the Srimanta Sankardev Sangha being held at Jyotinagar, Makum. In the book release function, Sri Sri Aniruddhadev, Ganitik Bhashat Bhagwatar Tatva Sondhan, Onadipatan (translated), Shotik Bhakti – Ratnawali, etc. were released by Dr Dambarudhar Nath, Professor, Sri Sri Aniruddhadev chair of Dibrugarh University, Rajani Kanta Dutta, Padadhikar of Srimanta Sankardev Sangha, Dr Sanjib Borkakoty, Associate Professor of Anundoram Dhekial Phukon College, Nagaon and Dr Girish Baruah, former professor of DKD College, Degaon respectively. Many other books were also released. The function was presided by Kailash Das, president, Sahitya Sakha of the Sangha and was attended by Prahal Tasha, general secretary of Asam Sahitya Sabha, Dr Karabi Deka Hazarika, Professor of Dibrugarh University, Dr Bhuban Gogoi, principal of Tinsukia College, Dr Jalin Prakash Chetia, lecturer of Anundoram Dekhial Phukon College, Nagaon, Dr Rabindra Narayan Choudhury of Srimanta Sankar Sangha and several other dignitaries. The other important functions that took place today were general meeting of the Sishu Aru Aaimatri Kalyan Samity of the Sangha presided over by Mamoni Chaliha, president of the committee and attended by Gitali Saikia, associate professor of Hem Chandra Goswami College, Nitaipukhuri, Dr Aruna Gogoi Baruah, former principal of Doomdooma College and others. The delegates meeting of the Sangha was also held today with Rajani Kanta Dutta in the chair. News courtesy:- http://www.assamtribune.com/scripts/detailsnew.asp?id=feb0814/at092

Photo Courtesy:- Dr. Sanjib Kumar Borkakoti (https://www.facebook.com/drsanjib.borkakoti)

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