Mask of Samaguri Sattra, Majuli

Mask culture

Mask is the primitive literary works of mankind. It is also primitive literary works of art. In Assam the mask culture was began from primitive age. Generally masks are used in Bhaona (theatrical performance in old Assamese style).


Mask is made using bamboo, rattan cane, cow-dung, soil and cloth. An ancient formula is used to making mask, which is known as Lakhimi Formula. Thin strip of bamboo is used in this formula of making of mask. After giving shape of the Mask, rattan cane is used to fasten the bamboo strips. Then the shape of mask is covered by a cloth which is plastering by mud of potter’s clay. After that the mask is keep to expose in sun-shine.

Second stage, the mixing of cow-dung and sticky soil are used to plastering the mask to give shape. Again the mask is covered by a cloth which is plastering by mud of potters clay continuing to expose in sun-shine. Third stage, painting by Hengul Haithal.

There are three types of masks.

1. Face Mask- it cover only face or head

2. Lotokai Mask- it is made part by part. Head and body part is separate. Hand, leg, etc of this mask can move.

3. Chow mask- it cover whole body. The height of this mask is about 8 to 10 feet.

Mask culture is traditional culture of Samaguri Sattra of Majuli. In this album I am including mask of Samaguri Sattra.

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