World Environment Day 2014

Jadav Payeng spent 35 years of his life planting an entire forest. Maybe you could start with a single sapling.
In 1979, Jadav Payeng found hundreds of dead reptiles washed up on a river bank.
The flood had washed away the soil cover of the forest.
The village elders told him “You need to build a new home fo the animals”.
Jadav started on the banks of the Brahmaputra with a few bamboo saplings.
To improve soil fertility he released termites and ants.
He even planted banana trees to prevent the wild elephants from straying out to the nearby villages.
After 35 long years, the forest now stands across 1360 acres.
And the world discovered “Forest Man of India”.

All it takes to make a difference to the world is a common man’s good motive and will power. On World Environment Day, The Hindu urges its readers to take action against mankind’s biggest threat today- global warming. Let us be inspired by Jadav Payeng and pledge to plant at least a single sapling in our neighbourhood. The entire plane will witness the fruits of our labour.
Courtesy:-“ The Hindu”-Coimbatore Edition – 05-06-2014
Special Thanks to:- Deepan Ramachandran, Associate Creative Director,Ogilvy, Chennai. (

Issued in public interest by "The Hindu".

Issued in public interest by “The Hindu”.

13 responses to “World Environment Day 2014

  1. This is a lovely post, and a good reminder of the potential for each one of us to make a difference through the smallest action.
    Makes me want to go pant something as a start.

  2. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”, said the great and wise Gandhi. Thank you for your blog, for reminding us that we can all brings changes on our own level.

  3. This is an amazing story, thank you for sharing! I believe that we all can contribute to a better planet. We make choices every day f.e being consumers. Especially for my country, Sweden, this has a huge impact on the environment given that we consume way too much each year.

    I also want to thank you for liking my post on travelling light and I hope you will stop by again and let me know what you think of my blog!

  4. Hi thanks for the like on my most recent post! I love your pictures, you really capture the vibrancy of a place or event and this brings your posts to life. What did you think of my ‘Time Tourism’ piece? Would you like to hear more about it?

  5. I support groups like the Arbor Day Foundation which plants trees and others like Heifer which works to help people grow their way out of poverty, but I think the greatest thing I could have ever done to help the planet is to choose to never have any children.
    If everyone would voluntarily choose not to have kids for even a few years, that would do wonders to improve life for everything and everybody on this planet. It would do more than any possible thing any or all of us could do to prevent global warming along with all the other problems we (mankind) has created for the earth.
    I keep wondering why nobody ever seems to bring this up (limiting human population growth) as a solution to global warming (or anything else)? Is it REALLY that hard to consider???

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