Azan Peer Dargah

“Jikir”- Azan Fakir created a new genre of devotional song, sung to bring home to common people the simple truths of Islam. He had come to Assam, all the way from Baghdad to spread the teaching of Islam. Between 1637 and 1695, the then Ahom king was persuaded by someone to believe that Azan Fakir was a spy. The king ordered to pull both his eyes if proved guilty. Hearing the verdict, Azan Fakir himself pulled out his eyes and floated in the Dikhow river. No sooner he immersed his eyes on the river, there raised a devastating flood much to the astonishment of the onlookers. This miracle was enough for the king to acknowledge Azan Fakir’s divine powers. As a mark of respect the king allowed him to settle at sandbar named Soraguri Chapori on the bank of Dikhow river and built a pagoda in his honour.
Apart from serving as a vehicle to spread Islam, Jikir also served the purpose of forging unity between the Hindus and the Muslims. He was highly influenced by the religious teachings of the Vaishnava saint Srimanta Sankardev, specially his use of songs and hymns. Like Vaishnava religion, ‘Jikir’ too glorifies one God.
This Dargah has ever since attracted lakhs of Hindus and Muslims devotees who go there to pay homage to this great saint.

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