Vaishnavite Tourism ( )

Vaishnavite Tourism means tourism in various institution of Vaishnavite religion like the Sattras, Namghars and the Thaans. Vaishnavite Tourism as a new trend in the Assam Tourism.
Assam is a land of the Vaishnava religion. Great Vaishnava saint of Assam, Srimanta Sankaradeva formulated the doctrines of his own brand of Vaishnavism called ‘Eksarana Namadharma’. The Eksarana Namdharma faith spread far and wide in Assam, as well as some parts of North East India.
Eksarana Namdharma, as implied by the term, has three articles of faith- Eksarana (shelter beneath one God), Satsanga ( assembly of Bhakats for Bhakti) and Nama ( chanting as a means of prayer). Popularly called Mahapurushiya Dharma, it forbids the worship of idols and elaborate rituals while advocating an austere lifdstyle for the Bhaktas.
In the Vaishnava fraternity every individual was considered equal and neither caste nor religion was to be taken into account while inducting anyone into the faith. The prayer services could be conducted by any caste within the circle of Bhaktas and Mah-Prasad, or offerings, distributed amongst the congregation by everyone.
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Bhortaal Dance

Bhortaal Dance

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