Monsoon Monday

Monsoon Tourism
Monsoons the season of rainbows and raindrops is certainly not to be wasted indoors. The very special season of the year, Monsoon brings everything fresh. The washed streets and the fresh leaves seem to smile . Monsoons is certainly not getting all packed in rain coats, Monsoons are fun time. Getting wet, splashing and swimming or wading through knee deep waters, sailing boats in wetlands, fishing are some little deeds may indulge in.
Monsoon the word itself makes one happy. The farmers rejoice in the showers that promise to bring them prosperity.
The annual monsoon play an important role in keeping the grasslands fertile, making way for great biodiversity to flourish. The river swells to become an ocean and the skies usually darken by the presence of gigantic and mesmerizing cloud formations.
This album is from my recent tour to the rural area of Dhemaji District of Assam. North East India is the perfect destination for Monsoon Tourism. Tea plantation of Assam is also become fascinating.

8 responses to “Monsoon Monday

  1. What a stunning set of pictures! I love natural setting of these. Here in the Northern Territory it rains for 6 months of the year pretty much – our monsoon season (or ‘Wet Season’).

    Everything is green and lush and all the rivers overflow. It’s lovely

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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